Frequently Asked Questions

How do tryouts work?

If you are committed to riding in college we will gladly welcome you to our team. We do hold tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester at the barn in order to determine which divisions everyone will show in and to sort out appropriate lesson groups. For tryouts, carpools will be provided out to the barn, and you will ride one of our school horses for about half an hour. To receive more information about tryouts, please email one of the captains, see us at an activities fair, or come to the interest meeting held at the beginning of the semester.

How much does it cost to join?

As a member of the huntseat or dressage team, you pre-pay for the weekly lessons at the start of each semester. It costs $575 per semester, which includes a weekly lesson, hacking once a week upon arrangement, contribution to fees of leasing the horses used in the lessons, as well as coaching fees for the shows. As we are a club sport, Wake Forest pays for our entry fees at the IHSA shows, which are $30 each. If we need hotel rooms those are covered by the school as well. The huntseat and dressage team carpools to the shows, and we all chip in for gas money for the driver.

How often does the team practice?

Both teams have weekly lessons in small groups with our coach, Michelle Hargreaves. These are scheduled at the beginning of each semester, depending on ability and schedules. We normally carpool to lessons, so having a car is usually not an issue! Riders can also come out and hack at the barn when not having a lesson.

Can I ride my own horse at the shows?

In IHSA horse shows, each school provides the horses for each show. Shortly before your class begins, you randomly draw a horse’s name, based on height order. The host school provides a brief description about each of their horses, but that is the only preparation you will be given - no warming up. Over the years you will eventually become more familiar with the types of horses you will be riding at each respective school - in Zone 5, Region 4, we are very fortunate to show at schools that have an excellent selection of horses to show on. See theIHSA website for official rules.

Can I bring my own horse to college?

Yes! Talk to our coach for information on stall availability. Many riders have also been able to work out lease and half-lease situations for their horses from other riders on the team or boarders at Hidden K if class schedules prevent them from riding every day.

What sort of clothes do I need?

For horse shows, typical hunt seat or dressage attire is required:

- ASTM/SEI approved helmet
- Hair nets
- Tailored hunt coat (navy is preferred but colors such as hunter green, black, dark gray, etc. are allowed)
- Show shirt with collar (white is preferred) or dressage shirt and stock tie
- Black leather gloves
- Beige breeches for IHSA or white breeches for IDA
- Tall black field boots or dress boots
- Belt 

Don't worry if you don't have all of the necessary riding attire - as a team, we are always willing to help out our other teammates, and it is usually easy to share parts of the show outfit. If you are purchasing show clothes for the first time, please consider a navy hunt coat and a white show shirt, as these are the most preferred color choices for IHSA.